General FAQ's

  • Why should I use the Selectapension system when pension providers offer some similar free calculators?

    By using the Selectapension system you can ensure unbiased and accurate results.

    You can compare all of the available pension products in one place, rather than through various different websites, saving you a lot of wasted time spent on unprofitable administration.

    The Selectapension tools are unique and much of the functionality is not available elsewhere.  In particular, the Multi Transfer Tool is a totally new concept in Pension Transfer Analysis.

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of cases I can run?

    No, as long as you are not operating a Pensions Transfer Bureau service, you can run as many cases as you wish for your own clients; there are no per case fees, or case counters.
    If you are a Pension Transfer Bureau or Consultant, please contact us directly for subscription pricing information.

  • Will I need to install any updates?

    No, as Selectapension is an online system we can update the website as soon as new legislation comes in without any inconvenience to you the user.  System maintenance/updates are done outside of working hours.

  • Do I need to have any training on the system before I sign up?

    No, although we do offer training, you can sign up and start using the system straight away. As there are comprehensive step-by-step user guides and help notes provided on our website you will find it easy to navigate through the calculators, and all of the input screens are designed to be very straightforward and easy to use.

  • Do you provide user support, and how much is a support package?

    User Support is provided as a Free service to all subscribers. Users can submit queries by using our System Support request form under the User Area after logging in, or by calling our dedicated support line on 01892 669495.

    We are happy to offer 'walkthroughs' of any tool over the telephone, and we offer in house training sessions and demonstrations.

  • How is it that Selectapension is so inexpensive compared to other similar systems?

    Because Selectapension keep overheads to a minimum so that we can provide Financial Advisers with the tools that they need at a price that they can afford.

  • Is it possible to take a free trial of the system?

    Yes, of course. We can arrange a standard 48 hour free trial- simply apply online and input the relevant details, submit your application and we will email back your access information.

  • Does the system allow me to save my cases?

    Yes, the system saves your cases which are all stored under the relevant client. The client-facing PDF reports you create can be saved to your computer, but are also safely stored on our secure servers and can be accessed at any time by clicking on “Archived Reports” on the relevant case.

  • Can the reports be personalised with our company logo?

    Yes, once a logo has been supplied, this can be formatted to either the bottom centre or the bottom right of each report page.

    We accept images in the following formats- JPEG (ideal), TIFF and EPS.

    Resolution of logo must be 300dpi or higher (print resolution, not screen resolution).

  • Can the reports be altered?

    The reports are in PDF format and cannot be amended; this is a safeguard for both Selectapension and the user in preventing any alterations which may inadvertently mislead the client.

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